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Articulating your Personal Purpose
is a profound journey of discovery. It is a key to:

rebalance your life

increase your health and wealth

experience more love

elevate your impact

make better choices that save time

be valued for who you are

Are you feeling a little out of balance at the moment? If so, you're not alone...

The symptoms of imbalance are all around us. At the global level, we see BoJo's bodged BREXIT, Trump's terrible Tweets, the Kashmir crisis re-emerging, protests in Hong Kong, talk of global recession, the hottest month on record in July etc...

At the personal level we see imbalance in the form of break-ups, breakdowns, people moving jobs, moving home, changing relationship, changing profession... all of these changes make us feel imbalanced.

For me, it's been moving home. My family and I moved to Switzerland in the last few weeks... it wasn't packing the boxes, selling the car or the house we loved, saying goodbye to friends or even dealing with the infamous French bureaucracy that unbalanced me... it was the sense that I had lost my identity. Without the house, the car or the community in which we had made our home, I started doubting if we were doing the right thing. We asked ourselves who are we?

Painting in extreme locations all over the world has taught me I'm not my identity though. I'm much more than that. All the symptoms of imbalance we see outside us are just symptoms of a disconnection inside us.

Personal Purpose will help you to reconnect to you. The real you. The essence of you. It doesn't matter what you call it. What matters is you connect to it. Just imagine for one moment being valued for being you. That's my wish. Because if all of us did that the symptoms I mentioned above would magically disappear.

Articulate your Personal Purpose
& change your world for good

When you join the Personal Purpose App ($97),
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Access to the Personal Purpose App
Access to The Purpose Clinic
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Join Alexander Inchbald for one of the 90-minute calls exclusive to The Purpose Program before the end of September to finalize your Personal Purpose statement and understand what you can do next to bring it to life.

6 months access to The Purpose Mastermind
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Join Alexander Inchbald and the Purpose Movement for a 60 minute call every month where a guest speaker will inspire you how to bring your Purpose to life and then answer your questions.

Digital copy of Legacy
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Be inspired by the 52 purpose-centred entrepreneurs including Alexander Inchbald, who explain how each and every one of us can contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and make a difference in our world

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The Legacy Retreat, LIFE

Digital copy of Property Going Global
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Written by Scott Picken, the CEO of Wealth Migrate, the 'Amazon of Real Estate'. It includes the 4-dimensional Global Property System model, which explains how you can invest in real estate to generate wealth on purpose.

In addition, thanks to our partner B1G1, every purchase of Personal Purpose will enable one vulnerable child in Cambodia to have an applied arts lesson.

*To build the Purpose Movement and give everyone the chance to speak to Alexander personally, we have replaced the 15-minute call mentioned in the bonus episode with this 90-minute Purpose Clinic.

About Alexander Inchbald

Alexander Inchbald specializes in Purpose and Legacy. He is an extreme artist, bestselling author, executive coach and keynote speaker. Over the last few years, he has helped hundreds of people and dozens of teams all over the world to articulate their Purpose and bring it to life. His wish is for everyone to be valued for who they are and create what they were born to create. And this program is designed to do just that.

He has worked on all of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for organizations like the United Nations, UNICEF, World Health Organization and the Red Cross. His first book #Balance explains how individuals and teams can put Purpose at the heart of everything they do. He co-authored his second book, Legacy, with 51 other Purpose-centred entrepreneurs around the world. It tells how all of us can contribute to the SDGs. He is married with two beautiful children and lives near Montreux, Switzerland.


Gib Bulloch

The Intrapreneur
Founder, Accenture Development Partners

Maja Frankel

The Changemaker
Director, Ashoka Scandinavia

Mark Harrison

The Adman
CEO, WPP Agency

Nate's Story

Sustainability Leader
Chief Sustainability Officer, HP Inc.

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Access to the Personal Purpose App

Access to The Purpose Clinic($150)

6 months access to The Purpose Mastermind($250)

Digital copy of Legacy ($20)

Voucher for $750

Digital copy of Property Going Global($20)

Every purchase of Personal Purpose will enable one vulnerable child in Cambodia to have an applied arts lesson.